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Welcome to Santa Ana United Methodist Church of Santa Ana, a kingdom type of church.


This Month

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May Worship Celebrations

May 3, 2015

Communion Sunday

Message: “Adventures with the Risen Christ- We Are On a Mission From God”

Rev. Jane Hetherington-Rauth

May 10, 2015

Mother’s Day

Message: “What Would Jesus Do with Mother’s Day?”

Rev. Jane Hetherington-Rauth

May 17, 2015

Special Message in Word & Media:

“Forest Gump- Is Life Like a Box of Chocolates?”

Rev. Jane Hetherington-Rauth

May 24, 2015

Message: “The Best Years of My Life”

Guest Speaker: Ray Williams

May 31, 2015

Message: Jesus’ Farewell Discourse:
“If You Remember Nothing Else Remember This…” John 13:34-35

Rev. Jane Hetherington-Rauth



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