Mission Studies

Each year, United Methodist Women members prepare for faithful living and action by studying mission studies. Mission studies are offered each year – a geographical, topical,and spiritual growth study. These studies motivate, inform, and enrich our commitment to global ministry.

Members take one of the three mission studies through the organization’s Schools of Christian Mission program offered around the country.

2012 Mission Studies

Response Magazine


  • Want to see the world?
  • Searching for meaning in life?
  • Overwhelmed by folks who don’t care?
  • Concerned about neglected children?
  • Committed to mission?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, response is for you. Monthly Bible studies, stories of faith, and mission opportunities are just part of what you’ll find in response. This magazine will touch your heart, stir your soul, and challenge your mind.

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New World Outlook


The Mission Magazine of the United Methodist Church. 100 Years of Mission Stories!

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